11 August 2017
Human Rights, Man’s Dignity, and Sin
Human Rights, Man’s Dignity, and Sin
There are so many issues around us on the last several years. All of the issues are debated about human right. Actually human right is not a new issue. This issue has came along with human history. Regarding christianity, the bible has recorded about this issue since the middle century. One of debatable thoughts, is about “human as God creation” The bible also taught us about honouring people more than the other creature. God honour human because human is created referred to God’s appearance. The question is “Do Christianity support the defense of human right?” There are so many actions regarding defense of human right, but they are all motivated by sin. They stated that their action is a kind of tolerance, but it is all the sin rasionalization.
The bible taught the image of god as foundation of christian view of human rights, That can answer that sin is a human right. Finally, the lecturer of UPH Surabaya, Kissinger Situmeang, S.T., M.A. conclude that there are so many people scream in the name of human right now, but actually the real condition is totally contrary with the defense of human right. So, as a christian, we should identify the reason of every human right, whether it is the true human right defense or a sin rasionalization.