12 September 2017
By: James Wijaya
Computers have evolved not only as a mean to process data and produce information, but also to be used for decision making and in the development of computer is maximized to be more sophisticated, and human-like capabilities (seeing, listening, thinking, speaking). The development of sophisticated computer usage is known as Artificial Intelligence, which is not only found in movies and scienc fiction books, but now we can meet in our daily life. Areas that are included in artificial intelligence, among others are Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Artificial Neural System, and Expert System.
Giant Technology Companies, such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple are competing in creating artificial intelligence that can be utilized by humans. Deep Mind (a subsidiary of Google) is a developing artificial intelligence that can predict the future, in terms of calculating or weighing some decisions and making plans for the future without the need for human instruction. Computers are maximized to learn about the environment and think before making a decision. One example of the ability of a computer to predict the future, can be found in 1997, where IBM through Deep Blue (symbol AI Classic) defeated the world chess player, Garry Kasparov. The machine from IBM takes all movements through possible combinations
Implementation of Artificial Intelligence
• Transportation
Self-Driving Car has been used in some countries, cars that can drive themselves. Ford, Tesla, Uber, Baidu, and Google have produced self-driving cars. But there are certain challenges of Self-Driving Car, which is the problem of security while on the road, and some of the actions that can be taken to save the rider’s life and the surroundings.
• Military Sector
AI-based drones can eliminate enemies, can distinguish between enemies who carry weapons with city dwellers. There are both positive and negative sides but the main drawback is the flight safety of the drones themselves that must be handled well
• Fashion
Provide recommendations on choice and the right pair of clothes and fashionable, clothing design tailored to the body shape. The selection of clothes is done by pattern, color, arm, season, and so on. Recommendations may be given on the basis of the wearing of the clothing and the importance of the use of the shirt.
• Health
Replace the doctor's role to read X-Ray, MRI, CT-Scan results quickly and accurately, to help doctors to provide a more precise diagnosis. Cancer can be cured or analyzed well with the help of AI.
• Design
Create a web design according to the needs by first giving some questions to the user then web design will be generated automatically.
• Miscellaneous
Image Recognition of Google, Facebook, and Microsoft provide photo classification features without any tags. The latest feature is an automatic description of the photo (eg, a man riding a motorcycle, a school bus parked).
With the development of existing technology, especially in artificial intelligence in the end humans and machines / robots work together, humans will be replaced by robots / machines more precise at work. One day people will still earn some income without doing any work (universal passive income). This is possible because the machine/ robot can perform their respective duties well.
Perhaps it will be a question in our mind, "Will man be replaced by a machine?" The human ability to innovate cannot yet be replaced by machines. Creativity, Social Interaction, and Consciousness cannot be replaced yet. The development of Artificial Intelligence becomes a challenge for mankind to continue to innovate and develop creativity.