16 April 2018
Lets start a Gadget Diet!
By Karin Lucia Tanojo
"Children are our future, but there is no future for children who overuse technology"
the reason why there are so many cases on children addicted to gadgets and reduced norms is because of gadgets
I. What is the Gadget Diet?
Gadget diets are a way of reducing the use of gadgets that has a purpose to prevent the negative impact of technology.
II. Why Gadget diet?
a. Child development is slowing down
b. Aggressiveness increases
c. Deviant behavior and disturbance in children
d. Digital Dementia
III. Tips for parents and ourselves to start  a gadget diet
a. Reconsider when giving gadgets to children
b. Prepare your child know the the consequences of using the gadget
c. Make arrangements with children for gadgets usage
d. Use controller apps
e. Give proper punishment, not exaggerated