03 July 2018
Keep strong!
By Karin Tanojo
Recent suicide cases: among adolescents and adults
Definition of a Suicide is a deliberate act that causes death of his or herself.
Factors causing suicide
Internal vs. External
Biologically: the soul gang, genetic / hereditary factor can be 'covered' if the person is often doing exercise, or any activities that are able to release good hormones
Psychological level of confidence. If one tends to be pessimistic in life, it is easier to commit suicide. "Whereas, if he possesses a resilient tendency after a failure, this factor can be muffled
Social risk of a person suicide will be higher if he/ she experienced bullying or loss of someone valuable, such as family or idol. But, these factors can be protected if they have a good mental health system and have been nurtured early. each of these factors is unlikely to stand on its own to cause a person to commit suicide. There must be a link between the three, although each person has a different level in each factor. There is a person with a descendant factor of depression from a parent, but he has a good social life and makes him eager to live. "The chances of that person being suicidal can be minimized by his social factors. On the contrary, when he/ she is already genetically and aggravated by social life that makes him/ her increasingly pessimistic,
Prevention: Building resilience in children