01 November 2019
The Best Paper Award in the Researchfora International Conference 2019
By Ronald And Amelia
Lecturer at the Faculty of Business, University of Pelita Harapan, Surabaya Campus Won the Best Paper Award in the Researchfora International Conference 2019
The issue of technology is currently a very interesting topic to be discussed given the very rapid development of information technology, especially among the millennial generation which is now a productive generation. This topic became one of the important issues discussed at the 2019 Researchfora International Conference held in Cannes, France on October 13-14 2019. The event was an annual event that became a gathering place for academics from around the world and was one of the prestigious conferences on an international scale. Pelita Harapan University, Surabaya Campus, sent two representatives of its lecturers to the event, Dr. Ronald, ST, MM and Dr. Amelia, SE, MM. Raising the topic "A Recipe for Loyalty among Indonesian Millennials through the Bazar", Dr. Ronald, ST, MM won an award as the best paper in the event. One important point in the paper is how to increase the loyalty of today's millennial children who have a low loyalty character. Do not stop there, Pelita Harapan University, Surabaya Campus should also be proud because Dr. Amelia, SE, MM. also won the best paper on the topic "Where do Brick and Mortar Travel Agents Customer Go? Acceptance of Technology Innovation Theory in The Context of Online Shopping in Indonesia ". One important point in the paper is the development of the Technology Acceptance Model theory associated with online business.