03 December 2019
Equity Crowdfunding
By Yanuar Dananjaya

Equity Crowdfunding


In this increasingly modern era the fulfillment of funding needs has become much easier. The financial world was not immune from the phenomenon of technological disruption with more and more emerging startups in the fintech field. One of them is crowdfunding. Crowdfunding itself is a stock offering service conducted by the issuer to sell shares directly to investors through an open electronic system network. Companies (usually SMEs) seek capital by selling shares to investors through the mediation of Equity Crowdfunding companies.

The equity crowdfunding process starts from the Issuer giving business data to the organizer, then the Operator evaluates the issuer. If appropriate, the organizer places the issuer on the organizer's website. The Investor selects the company shares to be purchased and makes a purchase by depositing money to the organizer after previously opening an account. If until the time limit specified the capital is not met, the sale / purchase of shares is declared null and void. Money returned to investors

OJK's regulation on equity crowdfunding has been issued since the beginning of 2019, among others in 12 months, the maximum amount of funds that may be collected by the issuer is Rp. 10 billion, consisting of a maximum of 300 investors, each offering a maximum of 60 days, then the issuer is a PT, not a tbk company, only may use 1 organizer, annual financial report to OJK, then the organizer has permission from OJK and Kominfo, then shares can be sold between investors in the same organizer, the last investor with income up to 500 million may buy shares up to 5% of income a year. Investors with income of more than 500 million may buy shares up to a maximum of 10% of income a year ’