Lecturer Certification

Requirements of Lecturers’ Certification

  1. Minimum of Masters’ Degree as a minimum academic qualification from an accredited an accredited University graduate school.
  2. Full time lecturers in a state University, or appointed lecturers from a community college, or community college foundation’s full time lecturers that has received an inpassing process status from the Minister of National Education authorized official (Article 4 of the Minister of Education Regulation No. 20 of 2008 )
  3. Minimum of two years of working period in the University as a full time lecturers.
  4. Minimum of Associate Lecturer (Assisten Ahli) as the academic level.
  5. Implementing the University three pillars or “Tridharma” with an equivalent workload of 12 credits in each semester in the affiliated University as a full time lecturer. Additional responsibilities from the University would be calculated as credits based on the agreed rules.