The development of UPH Surabaya into a research University has been initiated by developing a solid research culture. One of the policy instrument used to encourage the development of a research culture is through providing continuing provision of Research Funding. With the research funding, UPH Surabaya can direct and control the research activities for strategic purposes in accordance with the UPH Surabaya Research Strategic Planning. This has shown an increase in research culture in UPH Surabaya, including:

  • increased external research funding acceptance of UPH Surabaya
  • increased submitted number of proposals
  • increased number of researchers and student participation in research
  • increased publications of academic staff

The research program at UPH Surabaya is generally divided into two parts. Namely, the Internal Research Program which is funded solely by UPH Surabaya, and the External research program which is funded by a non UPH Surabaya affiliation.

  1. The Internal Research Program is a funded research program solely by UPH Surabaya. This research program includes applied research and basic research. This research program is directed to make a significant contribution to the real life issues, science and technology development. Thus, the research outputs are expected to be utilized to develop teaching materials, formulate policies, apply theories for lecturing, or assist other parties in solving problems.
  2. External Research Program is a non UPH Surabaya funded research program. Namely, Government grants, and other international Institutions